[D-G] Schizoanalysis: Sharia and PTSD

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Sun Feb 26 14:52:43 PST 2017

PTSD / Darwin Water Cure
'....Trauma had not yet been conceptualised as a diagnosis in Darwin's
time. Rather, hysteria and, in war, irritable heart were names given to
what is now called PTSD.'

We link Guattari's tertiary unconscious to the French PTSD therapy

French report: 

'....the debriefing concerns patients with acute symptoms in order to
prevent the development of a PTSD structuring of the latter.
Analiz kasaetsia patsientov s symptomami ostrogo dlia predotvrashcheniia
razvitiia PTSP strukturirovaniia poslednogo.

The facts, emotions and thoughts are not partitioned but inter-linked,
thus enabling a fragmentation of the traumatic experience.
Fakty, emotsii i mysli ne sektsionirovana, no vzaimosviazannykh, takim
obrazom pozvoliaia fragmentsii travmaticheskogo opyta.

In the face of the annihilation experienced, speech production by the
subject is restored....'
Pered litsom opytnykh annigiliatsii vostanavliaetsia proizvodstvo rechi
po teme.'

SC, p. 65:

'The temporal schizzes and the dyschronies generated by fragmented
becomings are inscribed in its register in their own right.
Vremennye schizzes i dyschronies, porozhdennykh fragmentirovannykh
stanovleniia vpisany v svoi registr v ikh sobstvennom prave.'
(SC, Persistence and Transistence of the Tertiary Unconscious
[Sokhranenie i transistence tretichnyi bessoznatel'nogo]) 

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