[D-G] The relationship between intensity and transduction.

Peter Connolly pconnolly at unitec.ac.nz
Mon May 2 15:36:50 PDT 2011


I'm trying to tease out a couple of connections between Difference 
and Repetition and A Thousand Plateaus in order to affirm the 
aesthetic dimension of assemblages, which I think is obscured as key 
aspects have been discussed elsewhere (ie D&R) in D & G.

It seems important to me to try to understand the relationship 
between transduction and intensity. (Partly inspired by the recent 
discussion around James Williams' really useful book on Difference 
and Repetition and critiques of Delanda...involving Michael Hansen, 
Williams, Reynolds... the latter two being concentrated in a thread 
in Deleuze Studies.

Does anyone know any good texts (or ways of thinking) that tease 
apart how these two concepts are / are not related? I'm pretty 
familiar with Deleuze's and Simondon's discussions between the two.


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