[D-G] Concepts seen as functions (malgosia askanas)

Jeffrey Scott typehostcom at gmail.com
Mon May 2 18:36:24 PDT 2011

> We all know an A when we see one, but when we do, it is always actual,
>> which means that it is attached to a medium. This may be a piece of paper, a
>> stone tablet, the bark of a tree or sand on the beach but it's always
>> material.
What is the term for the "conceptual binding force" that holds the "A"
together? The "A" itself but abstractly when this pattern is repeated not
only in letters and numbers but also in concepts and assemblages of
concepts, words and names? For example how does this relate to the episteme
and semantics?

Medium - in Tibetan mysticism I visualize the seed syllable "Hung". What is
the medium here, i.e. the relationship of the "always material" to mind?

> The closest we get to its virtual form is when it appears on a computer
>> screen (or phone display, etc). We see it compiled from digital code (one's
>> and zero's), and its appearance will depend on certain settings. Whichever
>> way you look at it, however, I don't think there is energy or creative
>> effort involved in these appearances or actualizations. I would simply say
>> that the virtual state of the letter A is indeed a concept, and not a
>> function.
>> What do you think?

Is there a paradigm of "A"? Is this geo-centrism and a type of chemistry of
memes or ego-centrism and related to grammar? Is "energy or creative effort"
related to the binaries of learning and fundamental tautologies inherent in
any system of thought?

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