[D-G] Harald's posts

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Sat Apr 30 12:56:49 PDT 2011

Harold's are quite decipherable on the fly, and remind of
the teasing, taunting inscrutibility of a thinker tinkering with
another language to convey the original rather then succumbing
to the idiocy of a translator, none of whom ever get it correct,
so fudge and bowdlerize and cheat and smear and blur and
worst of all stay shallow to flatter the reader, who it must be
said pays the piper for not making it too damn hard to understand.

A difficulty D and G have expected their addlers to exploit
shamelessly by proffering interpretations and musings altogether
beside the point, and excusing one another for shitting on
the masters, pretending helplessness and begging for a
bit of help, you know what I mean, eh, fellow panhandlers.

Bam, outcomes the masterly interperlators and commentators
riding the brokeback nags of plagiarism of stolen ideas as
if bestowing credit on the originals justifies recouturing them
in ill-fitting clothing to induce support for the market in

Making D and G comprehensible is a crime against them.
Still, their ghosts forgive the meandering toothpickers.

Harald, your chaotic computer is a treasure, beware it being
imitated, or best, becoming wholly functional, wretchedly

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