[D-G] Deleuze-Guattari Digest, Vol 74, Issue 6

Harald Wenk hwenk at web.de
Sat Apr 30 08:26:22 PDT 2011

Dear Dan,

I think, although he apparisel the mathmaticians very much, especuiall Riemann,
fro tehri invetigatsion concerning manifolds, immersions are slight
generalizatioen of them, alllowing self intersectioens,
he maynb ehav ebeen al ilittel bit unsattfied with the
blindness concernig the "application" to
esoecaill life and teh realms of thinking.

Chaso is teh fsciantion of science, he writs in WiP,
("Science would give everthing for a bit
of known chaos,.
Chaostheory, farcztls and farctailian broewnioan motion, Kochs 
(Sierpinski's too)Curve (The models in Thousand plateaus are 

This "blindness" comes from the monopl of the ablilty of Pholosophy 
to create (emphatic) notions, while mathematics
creates a jargon,
presupposing functions.


This is elaborated in WiP Chapter II,5.: Funktivs and Notions.

It is a improvemnt of Kant's Dictum:
"Notions without imagntions are empty, while imaginations without 
notions are blind."

It is a sort of "challenge" to mathematics,
to find a solid way to emphaic notions.

This is, especailly for huamnities, much easier,
than fesred.

I mean the therpoy of "nomlimsm" as crated by Linke et alte rher in Germany,
where the Wiener proces, te brwonain motion,
is applies to persoanl and social structure
and ethr formatioms.

It wold be very helpful frp te mathamaticians, after
goimng tio
so much laborious thinking,
tho tak this easy chance to improve their
"percepts" adn "affects" in
applying this knwleddge.

The from micr to maco
conclsuion of of the magnitude "double expression"
ontology,  is very "statisitcal".

To sum up, the
damanatio of becomung totally crazy  concerning
mathematics in rhizome is fully

Greetings Harald

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