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Dear Mr. hubaker,

If yozu mean a "meange a tris", where woman (or men) are
"circulating by themselves", an-odiepial D&G Interpretation
is much preferable to the fereudian "damaged third" oedipal interpretation.

On the other hand, in thousand plateuas is mentioned jealousy with
nomadic cutting of the face or paranoid blame of the structure of the 
universe in
case of adultery at red indians.

In the archiv of Deleuze seminars there is a funny
scene as Deleuze talks on Spinoza's handling of adultery,
which Spinoza blames  because of jealousy.

But especially life at roayal courts and its "generalization"
or uptaking in bohemiena bourgois life has
developped practical models, again taken up in 68 movement,
for an-oedipal "trisexual" relationships by desire. .

The experiences, as far as I know them, are, that  jealousy
is indeed a hard block to overcome.

greetings Harald Wenk

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>It is just this opacity (shadow of the object)that makes the modus of the
>'trisexual' which we are investigating on the deleuzelist, so 
>seductive. It is a
>concept?pre-oedipal (Klein), an-oedipal (Deleuze): apart from 
>mommy-daddy-me, it
>seems that the 'trisexual' motive is along the lines of Wahhabism.? As far as
>can be determined, there still is no internet access at Sukhumi, 
>precisely where
>we are looking for resonance in the Seda case. At the least, there 
>was no chance
>for moderation at Sukhumi during the times we are investigating, either.
  the body of the reply.

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