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Jealousy is overbroad condensing term for, to tidy up, the disparate
elements of consciousness, sub-consciouness, pre-consciousness,
and not a little unconsciousness. The infernally superficial ego is
condemned from conceptual birth, irruption, to futilely pursue
supremacy over the unmanageable roilings rationally compressed
by the misleading term, emotions.

Jealousy terrifies the ego with threat of annihilation, or more
unbearable than erasure, trivilization, dispensibility, undesirable,
a piece of shit.

Jealousy transforms the self-satisfying-gratifying ego into a
freak lacking sexual organ, a stimulable brain, to auto-manipulate
and with which to manipulate another. Said simply, the desire
to master another, to consume a prey symbolically, the most
useless remnant of the brain's purpose to direct capture and
eat physically, to wit functionaless sexuality, neutered, barren
lust, is squelched by the anticipated escape of the prey from the
trap by intervention of a competing predator.

In those rare cultures where sharing of mates is acceptable
and encouraged, what is called jealousy elsewhere is more
like play, specifically foreplay, wherein a sexual partner is
seen to be more desireable when shared rather than exclusive.
Not merely shared, which implies a giving, but not possessive
at all. There menage a muliples is arousing, the concept of
singular partner incomprehensible.

Into this capacious sexuality supposedly superior Europeans
went gaga, then and now. Not only heterosexually but homo-
and pan-sexually.

To be sure, where christian missionaries have plied their
prejudices, jealousy is wielded as a tool of political control.
Humorously, that Christ is depicted as asexual, without
organs of reproduction, except diabolically symbolically.
Symbolic jealousy is a defining characteristic of God
in the vaunted unisexual ontological argument, vulgarly

At 01:32 PM 9/12/2010, you wrote:
>Dear Mr. hubaker,
>If yozu mean a "meange a tris", where woman (or men) are
>"circulating by themselves", an-odiepial D&G Interpretation
>is much preferable to the fereudian "damaged third" oedipal interpretation.
>On the other hand, in thousand plateuas is mentioned jealousy with
>nomadic cutting of the face or paranoid blame of the structure of 
>the universe in
>case of adultery at red indians.
>In the archiv of Deleuze seminars there is a funny
>scene as Deleuze talks on Spinoza's handling of adultery,
>which Spinoza blames  because of jealousy.
>But especially life at roayal courts and its "generalization"
>or uptaking in bohemiena bourgois life has
>developped practical models, again taken up in 68 movement,
>for an-oedipal "trisexual" relationships by desire. .
>The experiences, as far as I know them, are, that  jealousy
>is indeed a hard block to overcome.
>greetings Harald Wenk
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>>It is just this opacity (shadow of the object)that makes the modus of the
>>'trisexual' which we are investigating on the deleuzelist, so 
>>seductive. It is a
>>concept?pre-oedipal (Klein), an-oedipal (Deleuze): apart from 
>>mommy-daddy-me, it
>>seems that the 'trisexual' motive is along the lines of Wahhabism.? As far as
>>can be determined, there still is no internet access at Sukhumi, 
>>precisely where
>>we are looking for resonance in the Seda case. At the least, there 
>>was no chance
>>for moderation at Sukhumi during the times we are investigating, either.
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