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McKenna, continued....

accelerates, there will be more and more differences in less and less time.And 
since the reciprocal differentiation depends on the duration of their deferring, 
the shorter this duration becomes the less distinctly different will they be 
from one another. Which merans that beyond a certain time threshold (la 
differance [italics]) begins to work in reverse, against itself, actively 
promoting a state of general undifferentiation, for there will be a diminishing 
number of differences capable of making any difference at all. Beyond such a 
point (la differance) turns into (l'indifferance). In other words, the game that 
Derrida has uncovered in his deconstruction of metaphysics cannot be postulated 
as endless -- not because there is anything external to it that would stop it or 
destroy it, but because it can generate its own destruction (in time[italics]). 
I can scarcely imagine a better argument for the historical relevance of 
deconstruction, or even perhaps for its scientific relevance.'

While having no access to Keith Ansell Pearson's Viroid Life, the machinic value 
of viral evolution weaves into Islamist fundamentalism as well as 
State-sponsored violence. Unofficial discourse on the Seda case coupled with 
virological discourse 'wins' either way. By the 'win' is meant that it 
intercepts official discourse of the courts. As well, Lefebvre's text The Image 
of Law, may help in asking 'How does the State get to do a Spinoza imitation 
regarding the Politkovskaya murder case?' (Spinoza walking by the friend being 
burned at the stake.) In Chile, as in Argentina's 'Dirty War,' the borders were 
sealed before the rounding up of 'subversives.' Does not Russia leave the 
Daghestani border porous because its true object of desire is Chechen oil? 
Basaev dancing between Sukhumi and Gudauta, a massacre. Sukhumi was at that 
time unique to Europe: there was no military invention: the internet. Once 
again, Politkovskaya goes to Chechnya to see for herself.


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