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Wed Sep 8 11:28:11 PDT 2010

To call something written to cyberspace a 'mess' due to mispelling, etc. from 
two dimensions, something that is being written about what is gong on in three 
dimensions (people in Indiana crouched like frogs peering into a computer 
cabinet ([he computer is enclosed within a cabinet] while the State's cameras 
whirl surveilling them....what else can be said? Politkovskaya went to Chechnya 
precisely because of such secenarios. Later we will see just how this resonates 
with Russian FSB 'exercises,' for indeed, there is at least a calisthenic value 
to the kow-tow.

HRC, our Secretary of State deplores Jone's wish to calendricize Quran 
book-burnings, thus invoking violent images in the faithful. Yet, HRC has not 
gone into the depth required to winnow the violent (obviously the Pretender in 
the False Pretender's religion) from the rest of the Tolerant flock.

Lippit on Jameson in The Only Other Apparatus of Film : ' "So it is that depth 
forms (if any exist, like prehistoric monsters) tend to be projected up upon the 
surface in the anamorphic flatness of a scarcely recognizable afterimage, 
lighting up the board in the form of a logical paradox or a textual paralogism. 
We have to swim in both these worlds at once; learn to work the remote-control 
glove within the contamination chamber; posit a noumenal shadow world of 
seismographic movements and shoulderings that inscribes itself with grotesque 
delicacy as minute and pencil-thin lines on the graph." At work in Jameson's 
assertion is a fantastic rhetoric, impossible in any one register, possible only 
in the polyphony of multiple subjectivity and authorship. A symptomatology, a 
wildness that escapes in and into the disruption of order. A phantasy.'

Before one arrives at A Thousand Tiny Sexes, are primitive images that do not 
wish to allow themselves to be freed from their alloy, the Signifier, i.e., the 
wordless Signifier. That is why D&G's an-Oedipal, Klein's and Kristeva's 
pre-Oedipal swerves close to the hovering body before sexuality in Bollas' 
trisexual. Mommy-Daddy-Me, though Bagaudin dissociates at the critical time, 
leaving the other Two Musketeers, Basaev and Hattab, to fend for themselves in 
Daghestan, these playing the bisexual role that the Trisexual has manipulated so 

An exceprt from McKenna's Violence and Difference are applied to the 
Wahhabist-military-trisexual assemblage of the three mentioned:

'The result has been ably summarized by Bandera: "The point is that, as the game 

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