[D-G] Deleuze-Guattari Digest, Vol 69, Issue 5

Harald Wenk hwenk at web.de
Wed Nov 17 07:44:01 PST 2010

Dear Maglosia,

(I got some trouble with the computer, therefore some type print 
errors are (unavoidable) there)

Unfortunaltely my both references, which I strongly apppreciate

"Sproget" (language) (Sprache in german) by Hjemslev
and "La stratification de language"  are not at hand.

I spite of that, risking error, I would describe thsi way.

The form of the content is the image, like a photo,  of a cat on the rug.

The substance of that image, the substance of the content,  ist the 
attribute thinking (from Spinoza),
the "understanding" namely:

A recognition with the aid  of memory,
of identifiying the obejcts (cat, rug) negelctging the rest of the 
secne  of that photolike picture. This picture maybe also be 
contsructerd in a dream way by putting togetehr pictres of a cat and 
a rug.

Maybe the "recognition" is declared as "form" of the content.

The form of the expterssion is a describing proposition with
subject substauive cat, predicat konjugated verb "is" with prepsotion 
object substsbtive "rug".

The form of the substancde is thus composed  of the the voice, the 
phonems connected to the
signs of the letter, which are images and to be identfied or to be 
recognized too.
The substance, signs of the letter are in the attribute "extension" 
or real material.

The content maybe more difficult, if the sense, the content,  is more 
like in the famous
"Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" by Tennessee Williams

I hope, this  is what you asked.

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