[D-G] Deleuze-Guattari Digest, Vol 65, Issue 2

Harald Wenk hwenk at web.de
Sat Jul 10 07:54:47 PDT 2010

Dear Xavier,

I mean, the immance of your stream of thinkinfg and ideas
can be used anyway - in some sotrt of problem solvoing thinking.

Negris book on Spinoza  is for ontological purposes very well already.

But of course I don't want to discourage you to read the multitude book and the following ones.


I mean, if you have a bicycle (example taken from Jarray in the "critique and clinique essay
on him by Deleuze),  you will in course of time change every single part of that "machine", but it stays the same MACHINE (body). This is a very often thought about tale.

Spinoza remaks , that the human body  is "as it were produced again" by
eating food. Nowadays we know, that in course of digestion the DNA
has to be duplicted for cell division, indeed the human body is renewed in the sense just described for the bicyycle every seven years in the mean - except some nerve cells in the brain, out of te material of the food, which contains DNA too,
building thus the biosphere.

In the DNA is coded the ontogenesis of the baby too.
This is a sort of "programm".

This "idea" of the human body like that of the byicycle,
could in abuse of language and in the old medieval discussions
of ideas "ante re" "in re" post re", re here is the body,
to extrahire an eternal idea of the human re (body). I did that already in Emails here.

After the success of cloning the sheep dolly,
this argumens are more concincing then ever before,
when there where convincing as a real proof already.

Here, the characterization of Spinoza as a a "good guesser" appplies,
In reality it is so, that he really, like in mathematics,
did only proof what was proofable and nothing more.
Therefore the lack of failures.

This is much more understandable for a mathematician, who is able to recognize the correctness of proofs and
computuings, in totally different cultural enviroments and circomstances.

Artaud has a body without putrefaction, depending on breatjh,
strongly related tio Indian prana techniques.

greetings Harald Wenk

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