[D-G] fluffy impression

Mas Que Palabras xavier.buades at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 12:30:31 PDT 2010

 to be wondering why one believes the
developped version of it, why should
it not be unveiled (somewhere, preferrably in the hidden place)
from its sketched aspect. for it is gross with what
to Deleuze insight escaped from Kant's bull head (where
remains the rule that to an egoist I functions an egoist I. )
a non subjective paragraph with which one wants to clinge
like a creeping crab to a happy rock

> 2010/6/22 Harald Wenk
> There maybe another way of understanding your "idealistic bodies",
> As the body is  reassembeld,
> a sort of  abstract machine for building the body
> maybe substituted as notion for the body istself.
> This seems to be the interpretation of some Spinoza readers.
> --

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