[D-G] Translating Deleuze, Betraying Deleuze

René Lemieux rlemi098 at uottawa.ca
Thu Oct 15 08:50:13 PDT 2009

Hello everyone,

We are setting up a new Journal named Trahir (betraying) and the first
issue will have the topic of the "translation of Deleuze".

We are looking mainly for translators who already translated Deleuze and
would like to comment the process of this transcription, but we are also
looking for Deleuze scholar who would be interested to experiment a
translation of Deleuze into a "minor" language (and by language we are

Here is the link for the Call for papers:

The deadline for submition is 31st of December 2009. The first issue of
Trahir will be published during the year 2010.

René Lemieux
Sémiologie | Université du Québec à Montréal

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Observatoire des nouvelles pratiques symboliques :
Revue Trahir :

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