[D-G] Translating Deleuze, Betraying Deleuze

Mohamad Haadi madi.hadi at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 09:50:27 PDT 2009

  Actually it was not that clear to me but preferred letting you know that I am
  translating 'Negotiations' by G.Deleuze into Persian from English/French.

   Mohammad Hadi.

On 10/15/09, René Lemieux <rlemi098 at uottawa.ca> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> We are setting up a new Journal named Trahir (betraying) and the first
> issue will have the topic of the "translation of Deleuze".
> We are looking mainly for translators who already translated Deleuze and
> would like to comment the process of this transcription, but we are also
> looking for Deleuze scholar who would be interested to experiment a
> translation of Deleuze into a "minor" language (and by language we are
> flexible...).
> Here is the link for the Call for papers:
> http://www.revuetrahir.net/Appel%20de%20textes%20-%20traduire%20Deleuze,%20trahir%20Deleuze.pdf
> The deadline for submition is 31st of December 2009. The first issue of
> Trahir will be published during the year 2010.
> René Lemieux
> Sémiologie | Université du Québec à Montréal
> Contr'hommage pour Gilles Deleuze :
> http://www.pulaval.com/catalogue/contr-hommage-pour-gilles-deleuze-9312.html
> Observatoire des nouvelles pratiques symboliques :
> http://onoups.blogspot.com/
> Revue Trahir :
> http://www.revuetrahir.net/Appel%20de%20textes%20-%20traduire%20Deleuze,%20trahir%20Deleuze.pdf
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