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'Never believe that smooth space will suffice to save us,'. as D&G proclaim, and Politkovskaya's important passagel reveals the striated space of photography as sensitive for Goltz, whose revelation that at last, he had found a book for teaching the Caucasus that would not disturb his students, such as those from other authors such as Politkovskayawho took their cameras with them to Chechnya.

'The wind that is called Quetzlqoatl, they say, sweeps the road for the Tlalocs.'
(Sahagu, Primeros memoriales)

 The lead passage for this is from Voyage en Enfir: Une nouvelle bataille"decisive." [A Decisive Battle]

Les deux combattants ne cachent pas qu'ils n'attendent qu'une seule chose: le mois d'avril.
Neither bothers to hithe fact that they are wating for April, when the trees in Chechnya come into leaf.

Des le frondaison, ils reprendront leur place aupres de leurs camarades.
Then they will go back and fight again.

On dit que la plupart des boieviki aurepos attendent aussi l'apparition du nouveau feuillage..
Most of the fighters now resting or recovering are also waifor these same leaves to appear, they say.

Dand leur vie precedente, avant la guerre, ile etaientdes paysans ordinaires.
Before 1994 they were ordinary villagers.

L'un cultivait du  mais aNaour, l'autre du ble a Samachki.
One grew maize in Naour, the other planted wheat at Samashki.'

Goltbook has no index, and evokes Samasjki on the last page:

'As I look up from my desk, literally on the last page of correcting this manuscript before iot goes to the publisher to be set in stone, I find two Spring-shaggyyoung bucks standing in my shrub garden, not twebty feet away, staring at me. Their audacity is so outrageous it makes me laugh for the first time in an ice age, and I only chase them away to save the Otherwise, they could stay all day, stay forever. They are the Chechen visitors to MOntana that ABC warned me to look out for, friendssymbols from my muddy little town on the north Cehchen plain. Samashki, the Place of Deer.'
(Goltz t, Chechnya DiaryA War Correspondent's Story of Surviving the War in Chechnya, St. Matrin's Press,)

Shinohara ya....kiri no magetedder, confused by the mist, and calling away, out on the Plain of Shinu*.'

*Shinu 'death.'

And the breadbasket plain of China is the Chengdu Plain, where the Nesopritan Heresy ended at the Temple of the Blue Goat.Nestorian monks figure into the story at Selizharovo, Russia, where the bears roathe streets when people do not get paid. Thus, D&G's Corintiah tyranny passages in AO may be compared with tanks = capitalism, and Russia's gangster capitalism frontier and the privatization measures, which will be shown to rersonate with yesterday's news from Texas.. The first proposal to the 'new' Chechnya after Kadyrov was installed, was indeed a Chinese fish-pond operation.

4 Nov 2009 Texas passed a constitutional amendment aimed at preventing the government from taking private property purely for economic development.


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