[D-G] Petainist Rhizome: Zachistka

charles hubaker solntsepyati at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 4 09:33:37 PST 2009

Madonna's Bucharest concert and its ensuing events were on the cutting edge of politics, for here in the Petainist Middle West, a zachistka 'cleansing' operation is underway whereby the local "Gypsies" are being arrested for tresspassing as the capitalist machine builds apartment buildings while simultaneously burning the books: it was back in 1998-1999 when the first books at a public library began to become "desaparecidos," yet the employees were connected to the local university.

Putin's stint at Drersden payed off, as he was taken into the Andropov Red Banner in 1975. Venera 10, its launch and its trajectory corrections come into play with California's anti-miscegenation laws and their history as well as morphology. The Trinity is here, aside from the theologian-usuerer-pimps who9 begin universities on the European model, than toss that model aside when its finnally convenient for them.

Asian, Turkish, or Mexican heroin introduced into small U.S. villages have an opposite number:in Russia: Irkutsk. Yet, Udiehe jisu "soap" correlates to the Asian christ jizu, an asterism in the constellation Lupus meaning "a group of soldiers." (Kistemaker, The Chinese Sky During the Han).

'14 junio 1975 El PE fija el dia 19 como limite para las paritarias. Atentado contra locales de los partidos Communistsa y Radical (UCR), en Cordoba. En Cordoba es hallados baleado Sergio V. Partini. Son hallados cinco cadaveres calcinados en Flores. En un aparente 'adjustamiento' interno, es secuestrada y 'ejecutada' la enferma Rene Margarita Torres, 28, y muerta su madrastra, Catalina Fenoglio, 64, en J.C. Paz. Arturo Frondizi, en Tierra del Fuego, declara que ha llegado la hora de la seriedad.'
(Graham-Yool, op cit)

Fenoglio is also a name on Pappalettera's Mauthausen list, and its interesting to contemplate the Harguindeguy-like preparations for the new Nashe youth that will inhabit the new apartments. Any university wishing to compete with fascism will in the future insure that books are left in three dimensions for serendipity and free browsing. The security guards pass by while this message is being typed, and the survellance camera mounted in the ceiling gives one an uneasy feelling. But then, London-style cameras have gone up recently in public spaces as well.

At Rawson, the inmates circulated a rumor that Russian submarines were just off the coast preparing to rescue them. Kristeva et al's "Doll-in-the-Box"  atest to the reification of domesticated Oedipus, when its actually just as beneficial to contradict oneself from time to time about shelter. There are very few Asians to be seen in America's charity food lines. Harguindeguy, the tank commander and apartment owner, compares with Budanov-Shamanov a la Politkovskaya.


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