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For Vera.

Politkovskaya's book, Za chto, is now a desaparecido in the Petainist rhizome, yet not before some portions of the text could be spirited out of Sobibor and into three private dimensions (see C.G. Jung's passages on knowledge going esoteric at the Christian advance). Yahoo Groups: Acarology and message #398 should retrieve the sotry of the veiled lady, thus comparing Politkovskaya's Dagestani passage:

' " I went out to do the morining's milking. An enormous monster, covered in weapons, was walking past the house. I took fright, ran away and began to hide the children. Then they told me this was a Negro woman who was fighting with the Wahhabites." Zarina Tadueva from Rhakata had seen her first ever black person.'
(Politkovskaya A, A Dirty War, p. 28)

A young lad was seen (unbeknownst to him) traversing a recently zachistka-swept territory. He was practicing his ritornello. Parrots screech at the Odion (Deleuze), and it is the Argentine Pampas Meadowlark that aligns with Guattari:

'Les brins de herbe, les ritoournelles, les visages, pour les oiseaux mais aussi pour les passions, pour l'intelligence humaine, ne sont-ils pas des instruments de connaissance, des operateurs pragmatiques au meme titre que peuvent l'etre, dans une usine, des mots parles, des mots ecrits, des chiffres, des graphes, des plans, des equations, ou des memoires informatiques?'
(Guattari F, l'Inconscient machinique, pp. 162-3)

The meadwolarks at Sheridan, Wyoming have a different song than those found in the oilfields above Gillette, and the former's inhabitants will be quick to add that a Christian banker owns most of the green rolling territory outside of town....A certain hairstyle and the regulation of flows:

'In my mind, the images of Kalashnikov and Basayev are now totally blurred and confused. (The latter's beard makes no difference.)'
(Politkovskaya, op cit, p.92)

Demographics would be Shamrock, Texas, where the Christian real-estate mafia plays the  cop (Deleuze, Philosophy of the Crime Novel) temporarily by removing the Greyhound Bus station there. Wal-Mart's removal of the materials section from their stores, and the idea of chipping their products for tracking mesh with an extant Russian article on identity and garbage. Indeed, the latest issue of New Scientist sports an article about chipping and tracking garbage.

'Eto uzhe pozvolilo stimulirovat' tvorcheskuiu initsiativu v obrazovatel' noi....'
(Mevedev D, Natsional'nye prioritety: sat'i i vystupleniia, Moska: Izdatel'stvo, "Evropa" (2008), Demograficheskom politike)


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