[D-G] all things indian

malgosia askanas ma at panix.com
Sat Jan 17 15:50:54 PST 2009

It's truly comedy hour on the D&G list.   A guy takes it upon himself 
to post a message with a grandiose title "All things indian", and all 
he can dredge up is Malle, Brooks and Gurdjieff.   I hope nobody from 
India is on this here list.

>  >No need to be sorry-I am not!
>I guessed you'd say that...I was going to put 'smile' after the sorry.
>Louis Malle made a 9hr doco on India: 'Phantom India' in the 70's. 
>There is a bit on Aurosville.
>The other place that seems to never die is Osho's ashram in Poona. 
>This is the guy who had the largest collection of Rolls in the 
>world. They were all ultimately sold to a texas car dealer. His 
>'followers' built a 10km road on the ranch in the US so he could 
>drive around...I have heard this explained as a zen critique of 
>Peter Brook's production of the Mahabharata is also worth a look if 
>you are into the indian (I think there must be a dvd version).
>I always had a soft spot for Gurdjieff, 'Life is only real then, 
>when "I am".' The book is downloadable at:
>The book was published by his scheming relatives, shouldn't have 
>been, it is an  unfinished work, but I like the title. His main 
>thing was of course 'the movements.'

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