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I pointed to N's disciple Klages.  Yet K could be thought of as the Judas of N's disciples. Your reply below has much substance. They usually first take out the local shaman, which sets the stage for further colonizations. This is so because for one thing, the shaman alreadys intimately knows the neighborhood. With the new bookburnings we now see happening in the Petainist middle American rhizome, indeed, it will be shamanism that comes to the fore to oppose it. Local assemblages, talks by the shaman, oppose the weakening of deixis already well in progress (internet: pornography on diazapam). That is one reason I proposed a stop at Kayenta on the proposed Eric York memorial bicycle ride: the Kayenta Navajo have a very interesting method for preventive epidemiology as it relates to rodents, who may vector such things as Hantavirus or the plague. These vectors don't give a flying rat's rear-end what we think or believe, yet Beasley-Murray remembers my
 inquiry into Guinard Island some years back. The Brits are now getting whacked with swine flu, and my attempt to smuggle into the concentration camps of cyberspace are being thwarted. Yahoo Groups: londonfungi is an example: they prevent the posting yet steal the info in that posting. In other words, the camp commandant gets to keep the information while the prisoners remain like mushroom-people in the dark. They at londonfungi are, however, still planning local forays for the future.

This brings me to a proposed Madonna video in answer to the Roma-bashing recently seen at her concert in Bucharest. This video could be shot in two locations, yet three would be most apropo, for it would include the Peruvian glacier purportedly to be ready to disappear in five years. Ohio State's Byrd Polar Research has equipment located there, and it is being vandalized and tampered with; another stupidity in the dumbing-down slouch toward Gomorrah. I recall Beasley-Murray's wake-up call to information anarchists some years ago. This time, may it be potent enough. Thus, inromation anarchy directed toward the CDC might be a beneficial start.

In their report on the critter that is killing the world's amphibians, Batrachochytrium, their earliest findind of it is in the webbed foot an African museum specimen from about 1870. Yet the critter that kills this critter, as well as the compoiound it produces to do that, was recorded by Bergonzoni in an Italian report from 1881. Since that report was in alignment with diary products, we'll point to methicillin-resistant Stapylococcus aureus and its predilection for dairy products as well. More profoundly, and in conjunction with D&G's Treatise on Nomadology, we'll be connecting weather and plague records of the Chinese from the year 1232, which, like the Bergonzoni-CDC assemblage, at least gets things within proximity for interesting resonance.

But it's even more intriguining than that, for none will be able to find on the internet the connection of violacein, the compound that kills Batrachochytrium, to fungi that produce it. There are two Japanese reports, yet here is where the politics come in. In the next message, I'll clarify some of these things to show that early migrations may also have to do with FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) and world bee decline via mites, which infect both cat and human as opportunists. When we connect the fungus to the location, we find that it is very near to the proposed focus (Russian "ochagovost'iu") of the Orientalis biovar of Yersinia pestis. This is the biovar that killed both the puma biologist and the pumas. A related fungus will be found near to the Peruvian Amazon as well as glaciers, and also where a Peruvian Amazon tribe has just been found to have acquired H1N1 swine flu.

The proposed Madonna video, then, would include three locations. If someone can scare up a saxophone, I would be glad to do some riffs at the Grand Canyon, if that interests Madonna or her entourage. After all, Dirt! The Movie (2009) has been filmed about the cottonwood trees at Chimayo, which includes a mycologist amongst the cast.

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Interesting and provocative remarks.

Do you have an opinion of the potential effect of the various strains
of swine flu on the American generica. Will people flee cities should
the pandemic rise to depopulation levels? Is the country away from
urban agglomerations safe against these flu threats or will the fleeing
disease carriers savage the locals as did Euro-pox among native
Americans (that last a peculiarly stigmatic locution)?

And what about contaminations and illnesses likely to increase
with population and land development growth? Aren't tourists and
their pets visiting national parks known to infect locals -- humans
and animals -- with germs and diseases against which urban dwellers
have acquired at least some resistance by prolonged exposure?

Is it really possible to escape except by forever running from known
danger to lesser known threats? The Asian, European, African and
Latin American experience suggest there is no escape from too
many humans in too little lebensraum, no?

Even as the overpopulation vise closes, dreams of alternatives to
being crushed by others thrive in the intellectual and commercial
markets, indeed, is it not the case that what has been too long called
derided shamanistically as capitalism of others has infected us all?

Are there derelict spaces not already subject to franchise by some
interest group who see the future with a glint in their eyes?

What saith ecoterrorists to the charge they have beome exploiters
of fear? What price is charged by philosophical doomsayers who
envision a Nietzchean dead end with happiness in their hearts?

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