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First, before answering to some things in your message, to add the Deleuze and Guattari part to all of this: 

Alzheimer was describing symptoms in his crestomathy-mascot patient for the disease that would eventually bear his name. One of these symptoms had to do with the concept of cukolding, except that his model patient was female. Thus, Deleuze's passages on Theodore and Dr. Ygdrasil in Logic of Sense could engender some writing. The cheminement of the phantasm, false recognition (Bergson), the changes in the brain, all have correlates with actual protein-folding events (beta-amyloid) and its chemistry in real time. Bergson's essay mentions deja vu, and one does not have to travel very far before adding voodoo. Tetrodotoxin is the compound of voodoo, yet according to some authors, a protein, elongation factor 1, is implicated in schizophrenia (I have the reference if anyone is interested, or go to Pubmed and look around). Becoming intense-becoming atmosphere, animalistic fibronectin or vinculin is at the level of the pathogen or Alzheimer's-inducing factors
 claiming the real estate of the host, and this in turn resonates with either the projection of cukolding or the fear of it, the terror of feeling the self slipping away, etc. 

In reply to your message, since Madagascar is vying for the number one hotspot for plague these days, it prompts a question. What else did Hitler know about Madagascar when the idea of sending the Jews and Gypsies there came up? Woven through your message are similar questions, because plague was already endemic on Madagascar before the Nazis or Hitler came along. Sequestered populations sent there would trigger the disease rumbling just under the surface, and it may have occurred to the Nazis that world-encompassing retroactive effects would backfire on such a plan. On the other hand, it was far enough away to be insulated from it as it became a giant gas chamber.

Applied to American generica, they would likely flee, especially if swine flu had anything to do with H5N1. Would the media tell them that? Flee to where? The country people may likely turn on the urbanites, just as the terror of seeing your neigbors from another village runnig fast toward you just in front of a huge cloud of Chinggis Khan's dust. One third of the Mongol nation perished after returning from a Chinese bazaar, and this history can be perused in Joseph Neddham's Science and Civlization in China, V. 7. Almost the entire volume deals with smallpox (Su Tu Niang Niang, Goddess of Smallpox, is depicted in some drawings and art in that volume). 

The country people would not be safe, they would only manage acquire a bit more time. Marshall law imposed on the cities would quash any travel plans. The Peruvian Amazon H1N1 tribe is an important comparison with York's work with FIV-infected cougars above LA, because of the distance between them and domestic cats. Locals/ tourists depends on what is being transmitted, the genes of both hosts, the vector (it may be something other than the traveller that brings it, it may be passed between local like-hosts, or evolve in different non-human hosts, etc. Genes get to play this game, too. Thus, it goes both ways, because Sandfly fever (Phlebotomus) in Yalta, Italy, are examples of generally a natural innate and adaptive immune response.

Yes, the Latin American, Asian, European, African experiences reinforce the idea that there is actually nowhere to go. The 1918 influenza pandemic could not be compared to one that happened today, because of communication and safety precautions. Yet if by some slim chance both swine flu and say avian influenza were both fermenting inside the American rhizome, not only would the health system be spread too thin, but opportunists might throw other things into the chaos, such as anthrax mixed with smallpox.

In an epidemic scenario, the ecoterrorists as either exploiters or opportunists of fear, could not be said to be quite the most potent and deadly: the population under seige would have already done plenty at the hyper-local level., becase they will be ripe for projections against the Other, their neighbor. Whether or not instantaneous communication is in place or clipped via marshall law, this 'bomb' would neither explode nor implode. It would just happen, everywhere in the rhizome. I seriously doubt a N dead-end. In fact, Klages, N's disciple, did have some very provacative and interesting things to say about Americans in his critique of them, like jumping to answer the call after having read the newspapers about rioting in the Prussian streets (Klages, Science of Character), or his fascinating views on violence and the devouring drive, which meshes with Rado's Feudian take on the devouring drive. 

Derelict spaces are not all franchised, and there is much experimenting yet to do: militant derelict space gardening, water smuggling, behavior when amongst the automatons, Dressing, gestures to throw them off the track, all of this happens on a plane that distills its own drugs, there is no operator's manual unless an apprenticeship in philosophy, which certainly helps.

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Interesting and provocative remarks.

Do you have an opinion of the potential effect of the various strains
of swine flu on the American generica. Will people flee cities should
the pandemic rise to depopulation levels? Is the country away from
urban agglomerations safe against these flu threats or will the fleeing
disease carriers savage the locals as did Euro-pox among native
Americans (that last a peculiarly stigmatic locution)?

And what about contaminations and illnesses likely to increase
with population and land development growth? Aren't tourists and
their pets visiting national parks known to infect locals -- humans
and animals -- with germs and diseases against which urban dwellers
have acquired at least some resistance by prolonged exposure?

Is it really possible to escape except by forever running from known
danger to lesser known threats? The Asian, European, African and
Latin American experience suggest there is no escape from too
many humans in too little lebensraum, no?

Even as the overpopulation vise closes, dreams of alternatives to
being crushed by others thrive in the intellectual and commercial
markets, indeed, is it not the case that what has been too long called
derided shamanistically as capitalism of others has infected us all?

Are there derelict spaces not already subject to franchise by some
interest group who see the future with a glint in their eyes?

What saith ecoterrorists to the charge they have beome exploiters
of fear? What price is charged by philosophical doomsayers who
envision a Nietzchean dead end with happiness in their hearts?

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