[D-G] Thoreau, etc.

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Sat Aug 29 11:35:57 PDT 2009

Interesting and provocative remarks.

Do you have an opinion of the potential effect of the various strains
of swine flu on the American generica. Will people flee cities should
the pandemic rise to depopulation levels? Is the country away from
urban agglomerations safe against these flu threats or will the fleeing
disease carriers savage the locals as did Euro-pox among native
Americans (that last a peculiarly stigmatic locution)?

And what about contaminations and illnesses likely to increase
with population and land development growth? Aren't tourists and
their pets visiting national parks known to infect locals -- humans
and animals -- with germs and diseases against which urban dwellers
have acquired at least some resistance by prolonged exposure?

Is it really possible to escape except by forever running from known
danger to lesser known threats? The Asian, European, African and
Latin American experience suggest there is no escape from too
many humans in too little lebensraum, no?

Even as the overpopulation vise closes, dreams of alternatives to
being crushed by others thrive in the intellectual and commercial
markets, indeed, is it not the case that what has been too long called
derided shamanistically as capitalism of others has infected us all?

Are there derelict spaces not already subject to franchise by some
interest group who see the future with a glint in their eyes?

What saith ecoterrorists to the charge they have beome exploiters
of fear? What price is charged by philosophical doomsayers who
envision a Nietzchean dead end with happiness in their hearts?

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