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Hi all, I believe (but am not sure) that the question of considering difference by degree depends on the further questions of differenTiation/differenCiation. I am away from home at present and so cannot pick up DR to give a specific quote. Will have a look when I return (unless someone beats me to it).

Sloughing one's skin.-The snake that cannot slough its skin perishes. Likewise spirits which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be spirits (Nietzsche: Daybreak:V:573)   

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Malgosia asked about how difference can be seen as a matter of degree. This
issue is not particular to quantum mechanics, and in fact I do not think
DyG's ideas ought to be directed to that world.  Of course, I dont intend to
cast a shadow over other people's pursuits, as the fold is purely a
materialist conception, and so the folding of matter is obviously a degree
of difference and cannot ever be anything else.  But there is also an
absolute degree, as filip brought up, between the method vs onology that is
not immediately clear if we imagine bodies becoming A -> B.  The Assemblege
as a set is a clear route into understanding that B and A are not just
discrete bodies, but composites, this should answer filip's "2)", where
being IS ONLY difference.

The clearest reading that I have personally found has much more to do with
formation of social bodies, as in the cultural intelligence that their
Marxist agenda requires. And here is where Bergson is at home.  I find - and
this again is my personal reading and I do not wish to brush aside other
readings (they just dont make as much sense to me) - I find that if the
entire conception of difference and repetition is caste upon the crowd
identity, as opposed the individual identity.  This way it is the
accumulation of differences that construct the truth, ie Being.  Must go

the best,

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