[Deleuze-Guattari] Body without Organs ans Flagellanism

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some people incliduing myself may wonder, why in "Mille Plateaux" in
the chapter "How to make a Body without Organ"
very hard masochistoc practices occur.
As you may know, Deluze wrote an introduction
to Sacher Masochs "Venus in fur".
You may also know, that in psychoanylsis masochism is the
argument against the lust principle,
the practices indicated in Mille Plateaux including
also some burning, far from giving lust.
Threreore it has always puzzeld an thinking
and feeling man or woman, why it is done?
The burnin g in masochism ha sin my eyes to do wit the "going to infinty" of
every idea,

Now, in an neurological perspective things are not so complicated,
as skin of the human bottom is very sensitive and by the lust principle,
it likes to be touched - isolatad as nerve cells.
As this is very seldom under favourable conditions,
 this constant
drive may accumulate in the
passage from the unconcious drive to the subconcious and in the second
barrier to the
conciousness, espically in dreams.
So, if theis drive is not included in some habit  it is a canditate
for making some psychic trouble.
Freud thought that a drive accumulates.
Funny enough very close fitting jeans
give a little bit feeling of touch of the bottom,
and so these jeeans are not so much exhibitionistic
showuing the body, but more for
the own pleasure of the person wearing th jeans.
Therfore some young boys maybe very puzzled finding
girls with such jeans not so
beginning ssexual affairs as they think
is signalized by these jeans.
But this may als ochange, forgetting the neurology and
"cultivate" it by connecte it with aoztehr "desire mechines".

It  is not always a  signal or sign, also for animals
the bottom plays also a great role.

There is a second line, not mentioned before,
closer to the body without organs, that is
the history of flagellanism, which was in the middle ages a prctie
to "torture" oneself - in order to purify the world from sins -
like Jesu on the cross for the mankind.
Especially after big epidemic deseases this came up.
But they also seem to have grasped,
that some endomorphins or neurotransmitters are released,
hard beating is also used in very bad practces in brain washing.
These very hard endomprohins consumed by the CenrtrralNervousSystem build
somthing like
a new body withourt organs or the improveof the body without organs.
Like red Indians learn to standwith hard pains.
Remeber alspo "the wound".
It is a kind of controlled crises.
At is is quoted In MIlle Plateaux to have to do with power of man to man or
with transmission of force,
"personality" is involded, it is a possibilty of
As it is remarked in "How to make a BWO", there are far
better practices, but as this practice is well known and
also masochism has a very bad image, Delueze and Guattari
may have chosen it.
Masochism is also the standard opinion "why poeple are fighting fot their
That is not true, thats what Deluez and Guattar try to say, in my eyes.
I think their analysis of 	fascism, microfascims,
a "viva la mort" is more approbiate.
But that's another story.

The good eymaple how to make a body without oragans is yoga,
more soft, very controlled and with very little pain and a lot
of bliss.

greetings and good night

PS:Sometimes the commetaris from bwo cso are not freindly
How can thsi happen?

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