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Thu Sep 27 04:57:16 PDT 2007

Verso is proud to announce the following titles by Fredric Jameson, available now in shops and online:
The Modernist Papers
ISBN: 978 1 84467 096 3
$34.95/£25/ $46 CAN
The last word on modernism from the father of postmodernism: Fredric Jameson, one of America ’s finest cultural critics, offers his dynamic insight into modernist literature and art. A companion to the classic A Singular Modernity, this stunning tour de force looks at the innovative literary experiments of Joyce and Proust, the poetry of Wallace Stevens, William Carlos Williams and Gertrude Stein and the writing of Kafka, Mann and Mallarmé, to provide a distinct perspective on the culture of new beginnings and avant-garde endeavours.
New In Paperback
Archaeologies of the Future
ISBN: 978 1 84467 538 8
$24.95 / £14.99 / $31 CAN
Archaeologies of the Future, Jameson’s most substantial work since Postmodernism, investigates the development of the utopian form since Thomas More, and interrogates the functions of utopian thinking in a post-Communist age. The relationship between utopia and science fiction is explored through the representations of otherness
alien life and alien worlds
and a study of the works of Philip K. Dick, Ursula LeGuin, William Gibson, Brian Aldiss, Kim Stanley Robinson and more.
Praise for Fredric Jameson:
“One of the great writers of our time, not just one of the most formidably gifted critics and cultural theorists 
 A prodigiously energetic thinker whose writings sweep majestically from Sophocles to science fiction.” – Terry Eagleton
"Jameson may be that almost unimaginable contradiction in terms, a populist Adorno. But although he delights in mass culture he is no Adorno Lite. ... An interdiciplinary and dialectic thinker, Jameson complicates everything. His willingness to query, qualify and even contradict his positions imparts a dramatic tension to his argument: like a figure skater, he artfully zigzags, transfixing us with his dexterity." - Times Literary Supplement

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