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Hello Dr. Crawboney????,

without any contecx:
"There wer ther at once, withiut any reason, purppose,
to sudden even to be feared ......"

As I ried to point out.
Massumis "Users Guide" shoulfd be one to
sokid, durable happiness.
Like in technics solid, durable, fast and confortable cars.

T quote a personal experience with Anti-Oedipe:
In th elate 1986s a student stuent driven book store
in odeolgical bear to the Anti-Oedipe also was
yanwning about
yawnin, at last evenoncerning about the Ani-Oedipe itself.

Tjhe neutrum in germany comes from the chiuld - whis is Spinoz in Philophy
completely the queeston: Why.

greetings Harald Wenk

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all these yawns!  waking up in the morning can be awful, but then
there is bedtime very soon, just sit around for 14 hrs yawning and
before you know anything the day is done!

good morning!!!
WAKE UP... sleeping thralls.

gutten dreumen alles.

in germany they call the country father
in usa it is a lady, also in russia, but in france its allowed to be
neuteral, so what is it like to be neuter?
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