[Deleuze-Guattari] waffling, again...

martin hardie martin.hardie at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 03:01:20 PDT 2007

On 08/09/07, Wouter Kusters <C.W.Kusters at let.ru.nl> wrote:
> > Martin
> Well, Martin, I think that you should not exaggerate, let alone
> overestimate, the difference between these two kinds of people. I would
> like
> to associate to those of the second type, and even as I am, I sense that
> the
> dominance of the first class cannot be that hard or hostile not to be open
> to questions, words or responses of others. In fact, it never was.
Hi Wouter
I just read the quote and thought even though it tries to classify people it
might help us work our way through the problem of why this list is the way
it is .... not exaggerating ... just pushing things along
its not that the first type's dominance is hard or hostile .... just
sometimes it leads to not reading the mail as it is all there is on this
list ....

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