[Deleuze-Guattari] Why is this list sabotated so much?

Wouter Kusters C.W.Kusters at let.ru.nl
Thu Sep 6 08:02:47 PDT 2007

Dear over 200 members of this list,

> in my eyes it is a little bit puzzling

Grab the puzzle and step out of your German language by way of the Deleuze

> that there so few mails regarding so much member in this list, that discus
>   friendly

No problem, friend.

> and in a manner expressing the wish to understand one another,
> the world and the complex philosphy of Deluez Guattari or
> Vedanta from India.

Halleluiah Mother India! (mercy ghandhi)

> I ask me, what someone who wants to sabotate this list in order
> to make the understanding and further resaearch
> of the complex Deleuze and Guattari philosphy more difficult
> and almost impossible.

What do (or did) you - in the real world - do with the group of
"sabotators", and...where-in-what-country..?

> Some emails in this list do something like this.
> This is a pronblem not only for this list,

Check the lists.

> but if you want to fight a philophy or a theory,
> most probaly because you have already another one,
> contradictory one,
> maybe almost in some professional way,
> you may write such "saboating" and "desorientating" emails.
> As it is possiblel to get emails accounts with
> names you like, this is misused to sabotate discussions.

Whom are your warning shignals aimed at Dr. Harald Wenk?

> I remind that some insights from neurology and psychatry
> are only to find in Deleuze Guattri -
> and even there very hidden.

Not only Deleuze et Guattari. Read your sources: Dr.Schreber.

Dr. Wouter Kusters
Netherlands - close-to-West-germany, wees niet bang/seid nicht angstig, am
wenigstens, nicht fur mich.

> Vedanta phiophy in India, whic are over one Billion people,
> and the philopshy has a tradition about
> 1500 years, with the "university languge" sanskrit,
> which is even more complicated than larin.

PS, OK, if so, compare Latin structure, Sanskrit structure, - by way of
Greek structure - and judge your best structure.

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