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Tue Jun 26 14:04:50 PDT 2007

you can read Artaud's description of the BWO in his intro to Theater
and its Double and there is a very clear description of this subject.
The BWO grows in our minds like a Gort, and we cannot help it.
Spinoza asks why we eat the fruit and builds his moral relativism from
that, but he is mistaken to think of this as a relative choice,
aquasition of knowlege occurs without intention all the time as
neurogenesis. This is the impression of external bodies on our own
neurology forming the BWO, a social body.  Impressions vs Expressions
of these social bodies are the critical circuit and they happen
I do not see BWO as a means to freedom of thought, it is a means to
consciousness of our social bodies. If we choose to be self-reflective
then we also cannot help but choose to be part of this social body
that is inward looking, self-satisfying, and ignorant of our
participation in a true social body that is alive and kicking whether
we know it or not. It becomes that alienation which schizophrenia is
the cure. And so competing populations grow like that and even mating
becomes less diverse as these divisions grow, eventually leading to
colony collapse. That is the strategy.

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