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Hello Dr. Crownbony,

Nice to get some sign of  being alive from you.
You told in an Email that you know that the
Body without organs is somethin neurological.
I would be very plesed if you could tell a little bit mote about thsi
neurological knowledgee,
maybe after a discusiion with your two colunbian neuriolgists.

I found it only in the anti-oedipe, and the notion
stays a little bit metaphorical or
not technical in the usual way of neurologist,
by neurotransmitters, synapses, receptors
nervous circuits or something like that.

This would aslo concern some kind of "hidden konwledge" used in
neurology, which could be of
high interest for a lot of people concerned with the brain
and soul in almost every way.
Especially for peole suffering from soul pains of any sort.

As I dared to interpret the body without organs indicated by the
self-awreness of the nervous sytem,
which has the great advantage that the usual two steps
of transformation to something symbolical, image
or voice, are obsolet or only accompaniging, so
that, because the highre degree of adequate ideas by self-perception and
self-awareness, we have more perfection and more being in Spinozas sense.

It feels like this BWO is bound to the
freeing of a lot of different neurotransmitters
and makes the nervous sytem better function.

greetings and good night
Harald Wenk

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knowing the subject is a helpful way to encourage discussion and
expression. But if the subject is ignored or abandoned then usually so
is the dialog.
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