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as fsar as I remember your state is handelded by Deleuze and Guattari
und the subsumation of "meaniung is everywhere".
Now in mysticsm, there seemms also be the experience of the
presence of god everywhere or to be more precis, everything seems to
have more mening than its plain sensual experience.
A kind of real symbolism, the reality is at the sanme time taken
as somthing symbolyzing something.
Nowadays this is taken as private hallucanatory handelsd as psychotic with
neuroleptica as you do.

This is united in combining it to one source or person, which traditionally
is calle d"god".
I found in Malebranche, which was a french catholoc philodsopher of
the 17. century also expressing the experience of
comimg from the catholic god.

But this is only the case if your mental function, your thinking and acting
unreal, such you cannot  concentrate or act in a normal manner.

This has not always been the case with the mystics and it is also often the
case nowadays.
"Overwhelming" the meaning of some events is quit normal.
Indeed the behaviour of a important person for you is much more meanungful
for than for others, to take the most prominent example.
What you experience is also temiogned as a state
of conciousness which is contolled in yoga - if you are healthy enough and
in a good physical condition.
At best you do a lot of yoga, concentration - trataka, looking in a candle,
pranayama, that are breath control practices and somne asanas, at best
paschimottasana - ask a yoga teacher.

This is also to avoid the dullness and the tiredness caused by

Maybe it is god to read a good novel which cost a little bit effort to
Maybe Proust is not so bad.
You remember Deleuze*s Proust and the signes.

greetings Harald Wenk

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experience #1


observe the writing of adline vanlindenbergh
adline is taking neuroleptics
a high doses of neuroleptic
her creativity hindered by slowness of
body movement she is not herself anymore

let us encourage her by the forces of Gilles Deleuze
and the remanent spirit of Chaosmosis
to let her advance in her writing in
a writing group such as this one

Main Course
the experience is concluant
the vegetables spread horizontally
but by choosing vertical spread of vegetables
you can grow vegetables like lettuce
on the buildings

Side Dishes
generally my ideas
but in particular
my ideas particularly

Wine: Chateau la Fite
do not fit into the canvas of a CineNovel
Lettuce and Tomatoes spread on God's face
He calls me tonight
saying enough is enough

Light Coke
God has a tendency to be mystical
he believes in God 2, the new
hollywoodian product

Sparkling Water
What a mistake I have let myself fucked by God
he has a penis so long.
Spinoza is to be forgotten his ideas at least
that God is not humanly shaped
because God's penis is very frightening
it is like a long spiky tube that enter into
your bowels and ejaculates in you a vegetable soup of the day


So far I had been an atheist
but not now anymore

Dessert Postre
I go in a coffee at 7 AM experience God like I do, I do horse riding
on God's knees at 7AM. You too experience God like Vendredi
Je crois en Vous, je crois en moi
I believe in you My Lord
I close my eyes I see the Menora'h
The Temple need to be reconstructed
The Messia'h is coming
A tsunami is invading the East Coast of America
Messia's will protect Iranian nuclear powerplant
Iran needs to be strong
Otherwise wrath of God is on you
says the Messia'h

I am transmitting the message of the Archangel
send it to your friends
God is human shaped
Deleuze like specialities
 TEL INT + 32 026481859
God's phone number by satellite
The Crusade has Fun
But Beware of Tsunami sent by God's Wrath
if you attack Iran

I am taking Neuroleptics
This is correcting me
and it makes me say what people love to hear
My power to affect people with love
and a third Alliance is triggered

The son of God is coming back on Earth
the Third alliance made the sign

  adline vanlindenbergh
  bisouxnoursfast at fastmail.fm

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