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as the andriod lesbian was trying to say...
the mind/body problem that general yoga tries to satisfy  is the root
of the existence of this god... ie if you have not resolved the
difference between your neurological mind and your body, the
difference between 0 and 1, then god will fill that difference with
equivocal meaning. so between lunch and dinner it is possible to see
god an infinite number of times.

this mystic tradition (which really ended w/ zpinoza who converted it)
goes back to the jexus phenomena started by virgil, the first chistian
(before christ), who forced the jewish mystics to contextualize "the
self". This self, is not just any self, it is the self as teh stoics
are able to see it, it is cultivated from that tiime as a
"philosophical  self" which tries to answer the stoic paradox. once
the self can ask this question it begins to re-territorialize itself
allong the lines of this narrow mystic definition (ie
trans-evaluation). the "other" is born, as that other which marx takes
the trouble to answer w/ "the jewish question".
once the principles are esablished, they can begin to be use as a
"lifestyle" to guide our lives to that single narrow realm of
mono-god, just like the nomological model points our direction into
the storm when all the while there is good weather the left and right.
for virgil's romans that mono-god was venus who had a sex change and
25 years later became jesus who preaches "love". kirkagaard liked to
hide this backstory behind his equivocatable "philosophy" of

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