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and this lack of poetry brings us back to the point....
what hwenk is effectively describing is the deductive nomological
method, that specific method of science philosophy.
nomos as in laws (re:violence) that are universal and reveal the world
through internal knowledge. This is also bacon's spider (remember the
difference between the spider and the bee?) and like the spider,
reterritorialization allong the grassy plane will lead to joy. it is
like a road (word=rowd) that goes.. leaving.... a "rain" of atoms.
the difference between "acting with a purpose" and "acting for a
purpose" has been grasped by freud's scientific approach to psychology
which adds the "depth probe" via logos to reveal essences like hwenk
has us notice in aristotle. here the" ideographic" is not opposed to
the D-N method, thy function together to better inform the oedipalized
scientist. Now this is a performace of sorts... "played out" again and
again since the turn of the centruy.
if you want this kind of joy, why not just download it, it is
supposedly "conventional":

to tie this back into russell and whitehead, only russell would admit
that he does not know what he is talking about, and cannot know, it is
belief, dogma. but whitehead's gravity...
that dangling participle which refuses to inform us of identity.... on
the otherside of oberservation is Nietsche, who is only concerned with
identiy and refuses to see the feedback of interpersonal effects upon
the world. The individual's logos, that method which "affects the
world" with language is like skinner has us see, behaviorist. it is
code that makes the language meta, where meaning refers to the code.
but that is only THIS language, the played out language of the
marriage of ideographic and nomological.

To play out this coding process with nietsche as a backbone is to play
out capitalist reterritorialism. This why Deleuze is so keen on
keeping neitsche out of philosophy, neitsche is poisonous, "a weapon
agaist philosophy" as harte says in the intro to delezes book on

I think there is more for us to talk about..

have you dealt with epicurius vs democratus (via samos)... this is the
"classic" debate on the subject of these methods that you are
espousing here and there is much that is revealed beyond what russell&
whitehead have canonized.

whitehead beleived the US constitution to be as imnportant to
"freedom" as Augustus was, is whitehead's gravity really so retarded?

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