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if it is really joy, what you would like to get
from philosophy, the source in my experience is twofold.
The first is that of a new idea oran insight, opening
the eyes and some kind of new world.
This is also somewher described by Nietzsche, where he adds that
this experience is overwhewlming you
and the rest of the world does asif nothing had happend,
which indeed regarding at their minds is the case.
This is a kind of romantic joy of philosophy, and
Nietzsche himself, also Marx or Spinoza and
some other old writers LaRochefoeceuld.
maybe Lukrez sometimes give also rise to such pleasure - also because it
is not so technical.
This romantic pewriod may become less and eless as one grows older,
for most of the ingenious ideas are already known to oneself,
and thes ideas anre not alwy<s harmonizing one
with another and get crtizizied so zthat the normal, "sophisticated"
attitude is sone kind of "To beauty to be treue" - ther will be a critic
which dimishies the worth of that idea. This is akind of
scepticsm before hearing or thinking.
Of course you know that Nietzsche had made some potry out
of that in the story of the "big town"
in the Zarathustrats saying
"of the passing by"
"the great thoughts are going to be cooked to be little
while being alive"

w"erden große Gedanken lebendig gesotten und klein
Friedrich Nietzsche: Werke und Briefe: Dritter Teil. Also sprach
Zarathustra, S. 40. Digitale Bibliothek Band 31: Nietzsche, S. 6557 (vgl.
Nietzsche-W Bd. 2, S. 425) (c) C. Hanser Verlag]

tIn this realm we also find the end of all stories of Lyotard.

There is a second source of the joy of philosophy.
This is the soul to be strengthened and to see
after connecting experience and philosophy what
really has some truth and what truth is
really important.
This is a very wondering experience, which I think made Aristotle
 say that
philosophy is not for the young people, for real insight you need often
a lot of life experience.
In the youth philosophy is often, sometimes, mostly with less orienting
success, science - which is a real problem,  some kind of substitute for
It would be very sad if philosophy is yet not able to bring you such kind of
Aristotelian joy to you.
Truth need not to be new but true and at best relevant.

greetings Harald Wenk

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Thanks everyone for your help. John: I like your cheeky, provocative
approach. Nice one...I think what you say appeals to my latent Kantian
faculty. André: I'll check out Gil as my work on cyborgs & body
modification has also taken me into dance (especially capoeira); &
Harald, whose question, "I cannot see what you expect to gain or get
from philosophy" had me thinking for a while. And all I could come up
with was "joy". Doing philosophy really does make me happy; even if the
result of it, is sadness.


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