[D-G] observations

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Fri May 12 13:52:03 PDT 2006

>whitehead beleived the US constitution to be as imnportant to
>"freedom" as Augustus was, is whitehead's gravity really so retarded?

Philosopher's whore as must any intellectual feeding at the public
trough. During the great wars, and the minor conflicts, ideologists
manufacture conventional wisdom about state virtue as if absolute 
truth, to save their own necks, popular appeal and tenure. Heidegger 
one of thousands ready to .

It may be argued that that is the only raison d'etre of philosophers,
is to suppress unconventional thinking, to criminalize aberrancy, to 
break and herd dissenters into prize-winning penitentiaries of
acceptance, so vapidly homogenizing, dehumanizing, lobotomizing
is the archaic "love of widsom."

Yeah, Nietzsche adopts a mein of disdainful dissent, but his outsider 
Ubermensch also girded the anti-intellectual Nazis by offering armorplate
for the ignorant to resist Cartesian doubt, merely assert a birthright of
supreme arrogance mantled by brutishly homocidal industrial-grade 

One can see these remnants of this solipsistic narcotic working its way 
through the veins of narcissists marauding the planet as warriors for 
the confused, ego-bestridden rejecters of social responsibility out to 
find a hapless consituency to prey upon, aided and abetted by the UN
and religio-political aid funding. Public philosophers, spit, social
worse than that , both are nothing but arrogant conceit, imitating the
god-envying beasts Sartre and Nietzche lasciviously paraded for
empowering word masturbations.

No philosopher is truly unpatriotic alive unless silent and unknown.

Anyway, Russell and Sartre demonstrated how to be richly
ridiculous pretending to speak truth to power. Disdaining cheap
prizes for penitents, preferring the easy offerings of idolators.

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