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A suggestion to Jamie Brassett on "improper" readings:

There is an interesting Portuguese philosopher, José Gil, whose early
writings were about developing a philosophy of political anthropology and
who more recently has been writing on visual arts and dance. Most of his
work is in French, but he has a fascinating book translated into English by
Minnesota University Press titled Metamorphoses of the Body. Gil's project
is quite refreshing, sometimes "improperly" navigating the Deleuzian and
Guattarian plane (because of Gil's recuperation of phenomenology
particularly in his writings on painting) while remaining in deep dialogue
with the D+G plane. In an book anthology titled A shock to Thought (edited
by Massumi) he has an essay on the dancer's body as plane of immanence --
really crucial to think about the energetics of the bwo.

Hope you enjoy


On 5/4/06 2:03 PM, "Dr Jamie Brassett" <j.brassett at csm.arts.ac.uk> wrote:

> Well, for want of appearing to retire into silence after having
> critiqued NZ's volubility, I'd like to ask some questions that, maybe,
> the list can help me navigate...
> Like I mentioned, I've been out of some 'serious' philosophical study
> for a while & am a bit unsure of where some D+G-related thinking is
> going. My references to Bachelard & Wordsworth were somewhat ironic, on
> reflection, as I've been feeling philosophical prison doors closing
> around me too, over recent years. I've been wrapping myself in
> familiar, 'proper' D+Gish thinkers: Spinoza, DeLanda, Cioran,
> Nietzsche, Bataille, Stengers, blahblahblah; or novelists Vonnegut,
> Hasek...; but need something new. An old friend & colleague (also a D+G
> head) has been getting into A.N.Whitehead, with whose work I'm
> completely unfamiliar; can anyone give me any pointers?
> Anyone/thing else?
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