[D-G] observations

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Thu May 4 14:31:43 PDT 2006

Reading Whitehead would indeed clear out cobwebs of supremely
obscurantist continental philosophy. However did you manage to 
avoid him heretofore?

Russell and Whitehead go together, and both have much better
grasp of continental philosophers than the reverse.

To be sure, continental philosophers are certain British thinking
is no better than its food. And hate the British hygiene of mind, body
and language more than the Pope hates modernity.

Whitehead is a very clean, precise thinker and writer, and as
comprehensive as St Thomas, Kant and Hegel, far less incomprehensible
than Heidegger, perfectly sane compared to Nietzche, a family-loving
man unlike Freud's lust for the gutter, generous in praise of many
stripes of philosophers -- free of the addiction of condescension.

There was a time when Whitehead was at the top of the US-UK 
philosophy reading list, but that was before sex erupted into the
profession, thanks to those filthy-minded, -bodied and -lingualed
continentals got wise to Sartre's dirty tricks in the marketplace.

Sartre's claim he never wrote the truth would not surprise artists
whose entire oeuvre and raison de etre is to deceive, magically,
telelogically, religiously, whereas Whitehead may have been
the last hero of logic and ethics against the corruption of
aesthetics. More abstemiously Kantian than narcissisticly

A prude, so watch what you think when reading his cleansing.

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