[D-G] New neurological schizophrenia research concerning the neurotransmitter dopamine

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Fri Jul 28 05:09:16 PDT 2006


as I read in a fresh book on schizophrenia,
the magneto-tomography pictures of the brain
show, that in hallucinatory states
of psychosis an d schizophrenia there is over consumption
in the auditory and visualizing part of the brain
accompanied with under consumption in the
planning and orienting part of the brain at the forehead.

The modes of consumption may consists even in  not
productive phases of
schizophrenia, here is to be taken in account that
schizophrenia  is some sort of name of very
divers phaenomological
mental disturbances.

Now the neuroleptica used in case of
schizophrenia reduce the absorption
of dopmain in general by making the
receptors of dopmain more insensitive.

In consequence, the planning part at the forehead,
the "headquarter" of the schizophrenic,
gets even less dopamine,
weakens it more,
making the strategic acting
 and planning more complicated.

By pranayama, especially nadi shodan in the sinus,
this maybe better function again, but also against the less dopamine.

As the communication on an unconscious level, working also with fine
differences in
emotions and reactions, smells this out,
it is bound to be exploited by other people,
especially the group he is living with,
to hold the schizophrenic more
down in social respects than necessary.
This maybe the reason, why
so many patients wish to do without neuroleptica in order
to be more fully able to think and to act -
and to be taken serious.

It is more than astonishing that this
circumstances have not been taken
in account in the use of neuroleptica.

As I already pointed out, this maybe also due
to a mass praxis in the use of neuroleptica,
having more and more little obvious
medical side effects.

greetings Harald Wenk

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