[D-G] New neurological schizophrenia research concerning the neurotransmitter dopamine

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Fri Jul 28 17:49:46 PDT 2006

finding about deleuzian psychiatic medicine. So, is the question...
"are there are other ways to flood your brain with dopamin...?" ?

there are tons of ways to perform the amygdala gearshift, laughter and
amusment are good, yoga works very well, music is nice, nursing helps
a lot, it also stimulates oxytocin production... napping too. So the
picture that's emerging shows an animate scene where chemical
stimulation provokes chemical reactions which also stimulate other
production of chemicals, etc... its very hard to say what is
responsible for what. even if you inject infected cockroach dna in to
the micebrain that makes it easy to track which direction the paths
are burning (its really best to get forwards and backwards mapping
completed otherewise its a waste of time) A lot of the "hardness" of
the jellybrain are dna coded, but neurogenisis occures continuously.
so when does the "living" that we do get turned into artwork that we
hang on the corridors of our memory?

File BBC Documentary - BrainWaves - 2 of 5 - Dopamine.mp3 (3.4mb, 14min)
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