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> as you requested in that last email.....
> In this essay on Music Delueze and Pinhas discuss the motion of going
> from 1-to-2 with the kind of detail that might help fill in your lack
> of proper vocabulary. I remember how annoyed I was to discover that
> after studying ancient greek language in school for 4 years we were
> subsequently subjected to another 4 years of latin, but 59 languages
> later I'm happily croaking with the pollywogs... after all you simply
> must go with the flow esp when communing with people other then just
> squirrels. You cannot be fuzzy like a chipmonk - just think of it all
> as crunchy peanut brittle, sink your teeth into it and chew and chew
> and chew, then swallow, and only then should you open your mouth
> again. smiles!!!
> here is the link to
> "On Music" (1977) w/ Deleuze & Pinhas doc
> http://www.mytempdir.com/831016
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> >> thanks, thats great, do you have the music part
> >> too? m y ipod therapy credit is ok again... so....
> >>
> >> regs
> >> pw
> >>
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> yes, (but double check your credit again)
> here is the link for
> "The Photographer", act2 (1982) byPhilip Glass 19:23min mp3
> http://www.mytempdir.com/831005
> please note, specifically the pretzelbrain who is hiding in his
> cubbyhole pretending to be a chipmonk. Since you are a part-time
> dishwasher chump of sorts I assume that you do not have access to the
> free catalogs of university libraries am I right? or are you able to
> crawl in through the chimney fluke, I wouldn't suggest attempting to
> perform that at a library, they aren't good places for acrobatic
> stunts and you need to know that its a good thing that you've been
> banned from brooklyn halls. its not like a laptop that you can take
> into the bathroom and jam around. They far surpass what is available
> from googling wiki. Sometimes the craziness that surrounds your words
> is very repulsive to a finely tuned veterinary mind which is why your
> agenda of communist-communion-communication is often denied access to
> the animal kingdom. Dont worry, I know that you think that the ethos
> in psychology of the doctor-patient relationship is cancerous... let
> it be. when you say "the cancer becomes the doctor who cures the
> patient's body of its non-cancer for propagating its own cancer
> agenda." what you really mean is that you wish you were me. that is a
> good feeling to have with you so why destroy it by doing such a thing?
> You are a clever chipmonk of sorts and I can see how you read Nash like
> this, that the schizo is able to secure optimal strategy by playing
> multiple rounds in the game with role-difference. when you read it
> rembmeber the "dim nuclear pear" or it wont work.

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> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> its interesting how Pinhas's proposition orbits
> >> around an affected attitude about particular pieces
> >> of music and his personalized pov-vocab of fav qualities.
> >> Of course they do not arrive at the same conclusion yet
> >> Deleuze rhetorizes Pinhas into agreement-nomination
> >> of his system of the assembleged-pulse-time and
> >> the nihilist-chronos. the education of pulse-tiime,
> >> the ritornellos and the  "translation" between
> >> 1-to-2 have interested my pretzelbrain. What is interesting
> >> is that neither one of them considers the audibility of noise
> >> power-electronics and contackt-microphone-tinkertool vocals.
> >> which not somuch questions the defintion of music but indicates
> >> the extent to which the mental biology is capable
> >> of "comprehenshion of chaos."  here is
> >> an example of what I mean...
> >>
> >>
> >> from Masonna's third release in 1990 "Shinsen Na Clitoris" 14:53
> >> http://www.mytempdir.com/831132
> >>
> >>
> I cannot believe that you would listen to that druggy violent porno shoutingz!!!
> but never mind that... so
> yes, maybe now you can see this same point that you make about
> comprehension reflected into that terrible Heidegger's
> Neitzscheinesque hollowcost and why Deleuze might be so interested in
> stealing the imaginary Neitzsche away from the very real depotic
> metaphysicians... its like an ugly noise to be swollowed up but
> difficult to comprehend.... can you accept that challenge? or maybe
> not.
> give another shot, read it again. resist the temptatiom to "madlib"
> like you do, by replacing nouns for other nouns. stop thinking about
> sex, and this thime read it forwards not backwards. I can't talk for a few days
> since I shall be detained in Cyprus until the 2nd - there's a sick little puppy who
> needs my assist in Lebanon. I alwaysed hated the reverse commute -
> there are a million displaced people going the opposite direction. I just
> wish bush and his buddy war-goons would make it easier to get to work.
> wish me luck.. dc

there you go... cheers!

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