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the fear of artefact has been since three centuries a virus sent by
a mysterious power we should all gather our tissues and wave together
with courage 

sent back and forth a strongly fated generous goodbye escapes by our
to all our phantom tentacles finally at least recognize we don't know
ourselves and fear to study the virus
and if we can to enter such an intelligent tissue by the cornerstones of
genetic morphing whithin 
transparent beef b/c of such & such components

yet we cannot ask more can we?
we re  not 2be taken seriously only b/c 
soooooooo mmmmmentally retarded looks 
so much are we at perilous to 
endanger our unique specie ah
ah ah atchoumread newspaper microfilm tv 
to discover each minute and
 encourage your parents 
       & partners to do a mental block

to do a mental block grab the fingers and write with poo on the sheet
some metaphors like the previous contemporaraneous to this message

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