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Hello Adline,

In your poet, as In some Emails,
I got the impresssion there is something
like a struggle for acceptance.
Another thing expressed is the
effffect of social conflicts,
described, - alittle bit in Deleuze and Guattar
expression - as mental blocks.

Also it looks like your want to say somethinhg about not to be oneself -
artefact -
if the thinking and feeling and acrtinf is in one

To interpret more, the fear alone is something making us
going away from oneself - art least alerted.

Now this fear has something to do with the mental blocks and is often
on the ground that people do not explain in a
satisfactory - also in regard of the fear -
way what they are doing or saying.

It is often very hard to understand the other, especially when
her or his  expresions are a little bit short
or hidden by lengthly discussons

As poets often express their feelings and you are asking after second
I dare to interpret that it is on the ground on more or less actual

Now for the first, this is a
observation I made often,
I take you seriuos and therefor I
discuss with you not on a padagogical
level but on that which in my eyes
is given by the issue under consideration
and the eyes to see the problems.

Probably I may be able to help you  more than you think on the ground of
personal exoperiences, involving narcistic damages and feelings
of not to be valued and not to be understood.

But refelecting a little,
I know that some people obviously
don't like to be helped as much as
I think ans as I do it,
on the griound obn feeling attacted or not being accepted
or to stay on their own.

Thus attitude has been very foreoign to me ever,
if I got the feeling somene is able to help me I agree at once.

But often under the cover of help there has not
even been exploring what the problem may be
and even the stating of the problem was negated as untrue as once.
So some people often tell theyy know me and my problems better than I.
That is so puzzling that I do not believe it
and think by myself - how can ths man or woman go
and think she knows better ebven if i have tokd little and he or she
knows almost nothing about it?.
Tht is not sober - not only if one is trained scientificly, but also if one
trained to sensivuty by othe means - as poetry for example.

This is the reason why asked you tostate the state of your affairs - even
concerning double conciousnes.

is not explained by Deleuze and Guattari but by neurobiology of the brain -
something like
projecting and dream like and independent structues of the brain coming in
the projecting part - and emprically a little obscur described
by very advanced yogis.
Thes Yogis state it will vanish again.
This maybe also tested in neurology and psychatry, but I am not aware where.

Maybe you are also used to such a way "overrun you" and
of looking at you, that you may identify what I am doing with that.

That is totally not the case.

But habits, especially habits of fear and lack of trust are
very hard to overcome.

Especially because I don't know what is
hurting you by experiences not known to me.

I have made very hard and bad experiences, which
had also good times and ended up lucky - at very high costs of
efforts an soul pains.

Now I am concerned - not in a social profession, but as a  attituted - with
helping people, making things
lucky and aslso  sparing  the soul pains and
social conflicts.
And often I am astonished seeing my help  being refused by suffering people
must know that I am able to help them.

This may be hard to believe.

So far

It maybe a good idea not to tie the selfacceptance to social
acceptance. This is the usual way
of bringing inner stress - the inner princess is no outer princess.
This inner stress is more often tried to be produced by people surrounding
one as it is
neceesary or good.

So far for taday - wish you a relaxed sunday.

greetings Harald Wenk

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the fear of artefact has been since three centuries a virus sent by
a mysterious power we should all gather our tissues and wave together
with courage

sent back and forth a strongly fated generous goodbye escapes by our
to all our phantom tentacles finally at least recognize we don't know
ourselves and fear to study the virus
and if we can to enter such an intelligent tissue by the cornerstones of
genetic morphing whithin
transparent beef b/c of such & such components

yet we cannot ask more can we?
we re  not 2be taken seriously only b/c
soooooooo mmmmmentally retarded looks
so much are we at perilous to
endanger our unique specie ah
ah ah atchoumread newspaper microfilm tv
to discover each minute and
 encourage your parents
       & partners to do a mental block

to do a mental block grab the fingers and write with poo on the sheet
some metaphors like the previous contemporaraneous to this message

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