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This maybe of common interest.

Hello adline,

My advices concerning eating are also shared by science,
I read an article in the German issue of scientific American
where a Harvard professor tried to change the 50 year old pyramid of
of nourishment. The German commentator said, if you avoid the known
hard things like too much animal rooted fat and too much sugar
the argument of good taste is more than convincing and
agreeable in food. Provide you stay in the wide range of common

Concerning double consciousness there is definite empirical
evidence of occurrence.
This is also described in yoga, but also in neurophysiolgy and
the processes stays in some way even
in the background of the work of Lacan, Ey and Deleuze and Guattari.
It looks like that the brain is building up new networks all the time,
proved by learning processes, thereby
making some cables - i.e. exons by myelisation -  faster, which gives rise
a lot of experiences, among them double consciousness.
These second conciousness are strong but get weaker - this is only from
sophisticated yoga practioners.

The process of building networks and the thinking and imagining process of
the I or self are mixed, often in
an unfavourable way.
You experience very strong negative affects.
The thinking processes binds it to some sort of
reason, at first simultaneously occurrence by association.
Every time a black chat is coming, a got a pain in my head.

But sometimes to people at worst to your own lacks in some way.
This is the reason for the polemic against bad conciousness from Spinoza,
Nietzsche, Deleuze and me.

There are different strates, which give the paranoid machines, the thinking
process say the world all
is together is  against you. That is a defence of the I, whic is seriusly
If things go lucky you are able to get a higher form a Identity or
I which integrates and is free as a child  again in experience.

"Oh look, what a beautiful flower - nothing more than the smell and
the beauty of the rose - or something like chanting the beautifulness of
existence as a whole -  a little bit mystic."

This was also the point in Anti-Oedipe, to destroy the paranoid machine and
give freedom of personality and mind and feeling
by affirming difference as such - the things and people are interrelated,
but not in a dangerous way.
And this indeed is a very healthy beginning.
In  this perspective totalisation always had something to do with paranoia
and bondage.
This was the impetus of "carrying the schizoid process on"
instead of stoppping and thu turnig it paranoid.

But, to say it again, there are neurological processes in the brain which
expressed or reflected or combined with feeling and thinking.
And on that level yoga, pranayama, breathing techniques, and hatha yoga,
pashimottasana are very helpful.
Also thinking and learning and refelcting are very helpful, as the structure
the new axons, even if they are not concious because
the attention is at a lower level respective the lower level is structured
bay the structure which are
from the higher level of learning and reflection.

It is also very helpful that there are processes in the brain interpreted by
which are at first sight the reason for your pains, feelings and moods - if
there is some crisis.
Now the brain of some people get more often and other crisis than other.

There is also sometimes regression.

That means that the higher functions of the brain are very of in process of
new building thereby
the only processes very near to the body like sensual experience and
sexuality and eating get very important.
Or the new building concerns the lower functions, giving if successful a
more intensive feeling of the body and even more health.

If there is actual reason in your experience, maybe you sent me an private

greetings Harald Wenk

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hi harald wenk.
i am not so nervous, don't mind.

it is so curious to find myself here that way, to discuss the topic with
others here.

i think the longitudinals and the tropics are all praying us to think
this way:saying that metaphysics is not
as productive as phusis. i suggest nothing expect.
there is a new wave of passerbys since a few nights. i am chaotic. good
rudehearth is a very old membershiper, so it might be advisable for me
just stay silent or on the expectative not expecthakctive. i am
wondering what you do all in scienceS. i am silence and all ear.

guy debord was interesting me the other monthes because i drew in it
some figure
of the past. in the book. i had an equalized drawings. with a pencil you
can figure many instrumentsnot really meaning what i said neither
substracting myself from what i imagined. but hints.
i said he was part of the ambient music wherin anti oedipus foamed
around us. but i agree i was
also speaking to you about the OGM, and i apologised then you sought i
was sincerely undirect
but well, i had this internal discussion. then there was the crisis on
to what i was really. sorry to take the time to deviate the answers.

sorry to play . i 'lltry to say something akross.instead:
look harald:.i am trying to quit smoking tobacco. as soon i do it 4 good
i promiss i'go to the yogic club near buy. what i did there once was
eating mushrooms.
this splat my brain in two. do you think it really possible? that it
did? i think thhis or guess it well.now as humans, or like the cobras
going together from one ball of mistakes and eating the egg in parts.:
what do you think of eating habits. my chinese doctor Mr .bau told me i
had to quit harissa and hot sauces. i crucially need yin energy.
the moon, Mothernature. but don't mind too much.

sorry apart from it for being such a secretive creature even in my older
writings. but i notice all did that here. they want it sounds natural.
nevertheless there is a change, and now
the list is going artistic again. thanks. i did gymnastics once. i
sailed well, and the wind blew me far away from this board and this
written materr.
i hope danielle is there aswell. (hi dan)./
  adline vanlindenbergh
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