[D-G] a close words to Nz and Jussi

NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Mon Jul 10 14:57:36 PDT 2006

I want to move forward now...
if this "wooden iron" is indeed supposed to illuminate upon benjamin's
notion of pure-violence I think then there is something to be learned.
so I can see this "wooden iron' as a joke made by one philosopher
about another... not you or I, but it seems like schopenhauer was
making fun of Hegel's metaphysics wherein such a fantasy of "wooden
iron" could exist. Neitzsche summons a simmilar use of this word as a
joke-response to notion of "free society", obviously Nietzsche (like
Rousseau and his "contract" of compromize) cannot take such a concept
seriously so why should we be looking to this poet for a philosophical
answer? (and I must ask this question rhetorically b/c I am not very
interested in what Neitzsche has to say about pure-violence.) But I do
see the lesson here and that is the violence of ignorance. perhaps
ignorance is not a pure-violence but it is certainly divine (it can
strike at any moment). I had brought this up earlier in order to
compare the absolute width of spinoza's divine-wisdom to a corrillary
divine-igorance.... and to show how this leads to unfortunate
solipistic attitudes. (re: sophic paradox vs sphinx) A pataphysics of
ethics is a terrible and violent ethics. Like another poster had
noted, the violence gets harnessed by sovereignty, it is not
sovereignty itself. (RE: What is Philosophy?) and It takes a
philosophy to harness the two pieces together, a philosophy of
divine-ignorance (re: Mills). I will have to expore this retarded
nature of modern philosophy a bit more as I can see that it is very
difficult for even the most well read philosophy buffs to take it
seriously.(re: loss of vocabulary)


skinner's pigeon's clicking at the button, trying to follow the F ratio is easy,
but the psychological effects of the V ratio are tremendous. It makes
me think o f the poetry of the computer mouse, why a "mouse"? clicking
like skinner's subjects, running through virtual mazes. it is so very
literal and the loss of vocabulary prevents even a philosopher from
having fun.

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