[D-G] a close words to Nz and Jussi

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Hello Mr. NZ,

Some people in this list
still think the quote  the "wooden iron" is from Schopenhauer, as you
claimed to have found.
Would you please settle this question.

Greetings Dr. Harald Wenk

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nice try old man, but I simply don't buy the meta-3 which hwenk is
asking the physical-2 to accept. Realize that I am not denying the 3
but specifically acknowleging it as a "virtual". If I am to believe in
the 3 then I am no longer clearly perceiving the 3's virtual potential
but just accepting it as truth reality like a puppet and his
puppeteer. by maintaining my position at 2 (saying the 3 is just
product of the 2) then I can maintain a materialist headquarters. Its
just a matter of choice (like you had already said).

I think its interesting that in this d-g list we are arguing between 2
and 3 when it is really a philosophy of 1 that should be the aim of
our discussion. Do we want to look at aristotle and see where he
divides the 1 into 2(physics) and then into 3 (metaphysics)... this
can be talked about historically (re:sparta).. or are we enjoying the
brandished words?
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