[D-G] a close words to Nz and Jussi

NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 14:15:22 PDT 2006

nice try old man, but I simply don't buy the meta-3 which hwenk is
asking the physical-2 to accept. Realize that I am not denying the 3
but specifically acknowleging it as a "virtual". If I am to believe in
the 3 then I am no longer clearly perceiving the 3's virtual potential
but just accepting it as truth reality like a puppet and his
puppeteer. by maintaining my position at 2 (saying the 3 is just
product of the 2) then I can maintain a materialist headquarters. Its
just a matter of choice (like you had already said).

I think its interesting that in this d-g list we are arguing between 2
and 3 when it is really a philosophy of 1 that should be the aim of
our discussion. Do we want to look at aristotle and see where he
divides the 1 into 2(physics) and then into 3 (metaphysics)... this
can be talked about historically (re:sparta).. or are we enjoying the
brandished words?

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