[D-G] holding the things, not writing them, blocking the chitchat

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Sat Jul 8 16:05:00 PDT 2006

hi harald wenk.
i am not so nervous, don't mind.

it is so curious to find myself here that way, to discuss the topic with
others here.

i think the longitudinals and the tropics are all praying us to think
this way:saying that metaphysics is not
as productive as phusis. i suggest nothing expect.
there is a new wave of passerbys since a few nights. i am chaotic. good
rudehearth is a very old membershiper, so it might be advisable for me
just stay silent or on the expectative not expecthakctive. i am
wondering what you do all in scienceS. i am silence and all ear.

guy debord was interesting me the other monthes because i drew in it
some figure
of the past. in the book. i had an equalized drawings. with a pencil you
can figure many instrumentsnot really meaning what i said neither
substracting myself from what i imagined. but hints.
i said he was part of the ambient music wherin anti oedipus foamed
around us. but i agree i was
also speaking to you about the OGM, and i apologised then you sought i
was sincerely undirect
but well, i had this internal discussion. then there was the crisis on
to what i was really. sorry to take the time to deviate the answers.

sorry to play . i 'lltry to say something akross.instead:
look harald:.i am trying to quit smoking tobacco. as soon i do it 4 good
i promiss i'go to the yogic club near buy. what i did there once was
eating mushrooms.
this splat my brain in two. do you think it really possible? that it
did? i think thhis or guess it well.now as humans, or like the cobras
going together from one ball of mistakes and eating the egg in parts.:
what do you think of eating habits. my chinese doctor Mr .bau told me i
had to quit harissa and hot sauces. i crucially need yin energy. 
the moon, Mothernature. but don't mind too much.

sorry apart from it for being such a secretive creature even in my older
writings. but i notice all did that here. they want it sounds natural.
nevertheless there is a change, and now
the list is going artistic again. thanks. i did gymnastics once. i
sailed well, and the wind blew me far away from this board and this
written materr.
i hope danielle is there aswell. (hi dan)./
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