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Here is a bit to chew on you salty doggie!! I hope the pretzelbrain
can think about it, pulsing & exploding, the twisted psychology of a
folding nervous system... results-=0zero... unpacking itself in
semi-tranparent slowmotion, retro motion of future imperfect sentence

The Destruction of Reason. Georg Lukács 1952
Nietzsche as Founder of Irrationalism
in the Imperialist Period

"There can be no doubt that such an intellectual anticipation betokens
a not inconsiderable gift of observation, sense of the problematic,
and capacity for abstraction. In this respect Nietzsche's historical
position is analogous to that of Schopenhauer. The two are also
closely associated in the fundamental tenor of their philosophy. We
shall refrain here from raising the historio-philological questions of
influence, etc. The current attempts to dissociate Nietzsche from
Schopenhauer's irrationalism, and to connect him with the
Enlightenment and Hegel, I regard as childish, or rather, as an
expression of history-fudging in the service of American imperialism
on the lowest level yet see. Of course there exist differences between
Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, growing ever deeper as Nietzsche clarified
his efforts in the course of his development. But they are more in the
nature of differences of period: differences in the methods of
combating social progress."

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