[D-G] a close words to Nz and Jussi

AJ Crawboney dr.crawboney at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 7 13:32:37 PDT 2006

Seems like I can help, my experience as a veterinary
surgeon has proven my abilities to the goats and the
cows. So when two mules are staring face to face but
cannot see beyond the copula which seperates them we
have a funny situation in the barnyard. I am sure
Neitzsche has said such a thing but it would not be
the first time he has repeated the words of
Shopenhauer. For Neitzsche has already commited
himself to the abyss of "ironic  recurrance" so there
is very little we can actually take from him without
dragging along an entire dusty book shelf of scrambled
ontology. Since we have that book shelf here with us,
I can surely poke around and search out the
differences (and similarities) between the
meta-physical and the dialectal-physical.
Both the Pretzel and the Wenk are pretending not to
see/hear the other's side, this is funny because by
shear denial they are effectivly acknowleging the
others position.

There are certain definitions of the word "meta" vs
"physical" that could easily show the semantical
differences of identity(beyond) but I will assume that
we are not sollipsistic semanic-rabbits talking with
one another about who is more freer then whom all from
within our own cages, so I shall avoid this discussion
of the dreaded logos (but realize this is a "loss of
dialog" that has been insisted by both Pretzel and
Wenk by merely agreeing to disagree). The mirror is
not a bad analogy for diplomacy sake and I will use
the "twin cobra" technique that is currently popular
in the steppe of Eastern Pakistan.

Behind the chicken shack are two twin cobra. They find
a chicken egg and out of compromize agree to eat only
half each. The first cobra shuts its eyes while the
second eats its portion, when finished it closes its
eyes and lets the first eat its portion. When all eyes
are open again the twin cobras find that still half an
egg remains. The reason for this is simply that there
is only one cobra who can only see itself as half. So
out of this confusion the cobra reckons to eat its
other self. But this is impossible without first
realizing the other's "hunger of the mirror." If you
cannot see the other half of yourself perhaps you wll
be as hungry as the twin cobra?

I hope you are able to understand the twin cobras. I
would not recommend eating twinkies, they are very
poisonous, more then a cobra's bite. Breathing
exercises are highly recommended and so is the
unfolding of the spine. g'luck jumpers!

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