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yes often Music is so hermetic. i like traditional, old greek, irish, this kind of music is easy, you know you listen why, but the ceremonious Mozart Celebration at the moment on TV leave me quite colder than outside temperature in Vienna. What a wonderful keyboard on which I am presently typing these letters. It's like black silk.
  Do you know David Shea, I was please to learn recently Deleuze before dying got a copy of David Shea and liked this. I also saw their movies.
  I have ideas in music but , well one my best friend is a musician, especially on the drumms. But I offered him a copy of ATP, and offered him to work along my ideas on music. He did not understand. Maybe i could try to expose my ideas, and would like to share mp3 to Think music together on the list. Does that interest you?

NZ <pretzelworld at gmail.com> wrote:
  brendan, certainly the record label "Mille Plateau" is taken from
DyG's book, if you listen to any of the music that they put out you 
will instantly recognize that it is not "normal" music. It is the kind
of music that is born of a particular place in musical history, most
of it is softwareinbased, all of it really, and that tells you
someting about the people who choose that name. DyG's book is un-fully
understood by many many many many people (I doubt my own understanding
of it) b/c it is sooooooo poetical. You must read it to have your own
opinion. Do you think alec empire or scanner fully understands it? no.
Does shizuo, no coz hammer is a meth head. If Ec8or smoked more pot
and listend to more hanatarash and sucked can's bass boner it would
not help the situation. Let Anika fuck Tarentino, she likes sushi that
way. Gina's sex-gang can drink their own piss if they want to sell
more records. People just have their opinion and that is enough, it
does not mean it is true, it is just an opinoin. If so-and-so calls
themselves the "JC-troop", it does not reflect JC in anyway - is just
one person's attitude and that is never enough to make it real or
true. .. it becomes a catch-all, and that is cool. but it is good to
recognize it for what it is.
Personally, one of the things that turns me off from the "cyberpunk"
attitude is loss of insider responsibiltity. (and this particular pov
also goes to amy goodman and ratner's two-faced progressive insider
piss-pot) When they know, they stop talking. FOr example, say that
nitzer ebb, knows about thhe intense shit that will go down, will he
do something about it? sure, but only musically. his music from 1989
sounds like it comes from 2004, truely amazing! - he will take
advantage of what he knows w/o selling the store, know what I mean? He
wont ever sacrifice his edge to convey info to some random fan who
might take it further than he could himself - that is the capitalist
mentality. Do you use ableton live? or macs? Let me ask you, why did
panasonic include macs software on their 3rd release? it was illegal
for them to do it, but they did it anyway coz it was meaningful to
convey this information to their fans, it was not necessary, but they
did it anyway. for them it was important to put the same tools they
used to create their music into the hands of their fans, there is a
plateau that was acknowledged by doing this action. why? b/c it
matters and they care about it. so does the label "mille plateau",
they care, but that does not mean they understand, but at least they
want YOU to understand, they want you to ask the question that cannot
be answered by another, SMOTHER YOURSELF!
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