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Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jan 30 07:38:13 PST 2006

  Deltaplane: stop the sound of the engines marrple syruped oil ink-jected dirty in 2 RetroPulsators!!
  Can you explain more artistically the sound of the Plane Fighter with his noizes surveying Gaza? Is there still no chance the Arafat airport be opened to let Palestinians experience with the music of the airports aswell. Could Brian Eno have his say in the situation. 
  that Fateh movement root, those who shot in the aier and invaded Palriament and ask Abbas to resign from duty.
  Deleuze wrote article in their sense, he espoused interest in this same previous Fateh-but now they changed tactics, not sure Deleuze would support the year of the kamikaze Fateh Movement.
  how still, what remains though of these contacts between the intelligent people of the west and the intelligent activist of the East? what hopes for a future?
  is Fateh disagreeing with Abbas politic of ahjustment to Israel?
  for what reason? someone this list knows why so?
  Who killed Arafat. it so difficult . Is there a good link or book to understand the effect of Arafat on Palestinian Liberation ? from the point of view can be was said, often, said that he was this glue Lead around which all sides sticked together.
  what new thing for Palestine Liberation to claim to propose. com'on its crazy this movement proposes Hamas retrograd conservatist party. its a bit like if Vatican ruled France. . It seems the State claim was there for something else. I guess the problem is human, they want to be the proud brother and sister of the Israelis. That's how i understand Hamas vow of destruction of Israel, and his use of kamikaze. There's a need of non official underground binding between radicals, moderates of both side. So the thing media makes us to think about is driving us away from the physical need fro love and peace that each experience in his body when israeli or palestinian. I say false problems to know that Hamas has gained some power, or that Fateh lost something : înstead of building a wall to ward off incursion of terrorists, we should habe built a university, wherin would be studied the possibility of peace between two people.
  if someone is interested we could try to discuss this matter here. example of culture gasp and virtual walls ;
  and alienation one from the other.

NZ <pretzelworld at gmail.com> wrote:
  after the fatah assinated arafat it becomes pretty clear that there
are not may other choices in the election other than the hamas. at
least the hamas offer the ordinary palestinian something that
resembles schoools (outlawed by the isreali occupation), hospitals,
and a socialized structure to their lives, who else would offer that?
the fatah only promise more aggressive politics that feed into isreals
agenda to keep expanding their territory. the worst part of the story
is that isreali airforce keeps terrorizing the palistinain population
with x-mas low flying sonic boom jet flights at all hours of the
night, those sonic booms are a major form of terrorism, hence the
current massive exodus into egypt... its 2006 you know.
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